Joint Research Unit REPSOL-ITMATI (JRU)


itmati, repsol, umi, unidad mixta de investigación, joint research unitThe Joint Research Unit (JRU), formed by Repsol and the  Consortium Technological  Institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITMATI),  is one of the 7 Joint Research Units, approved in the call “Joint Research Units:  Resolution of October 6, 2014, for which the aid  to research institutions of Galicia, for the creation, implementation and promotion of joint research units is awarded”, founded by the Agency and the Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness under the Spanish Innovation Strategy for the creation, implementation and promotion of joint research units”


The aim of this Joint Research Unit is to investigate the mathematical and numerical methods of mathematical problems found recurrently in daily activity and research projects of Repsol.
The scientific director of the Joint Research Unit is the Professor Alfredo Bermúdez de Castro. The fourth research lines that structure the activity of the Joint Research Unit are coordinated by Julio González Díaz, Jerónimo Rodríguez García, José Luis Ferrín González and Francisco Pena Brage, affiliated researchers of ITMATI, all of them belonging to the University of Santiago de Compostela.

In addition, the work of management, coordination and monitoring of the Joint Research Unit by Repsol, are carried out by engineerings of this company: Jesús García San Luis, Santiago Fernández Prieto and José Francisco Rodríguez Calo.
This collaboration in the “Joint Research Unit Repsol-ITMATI” means in fact the consolidation of the previous collaboration that Repsol held with the group of mathematical engineering (mat+i) of the University of Santiago de Compostela that coordinates the Profesor Alfredo Bermúdez de Castro, Professor of Applied Mathematics of the University of Santiago de Compostela, one of the ITMATI promoters.  The beginning of the collaboration goes back to 2013, through an agreement signed between the Spanish Network for Industrial Mathematics (math-in), which ITMATI and the involved Galician research groups are partners, and Repsol.
Moreover, this formula, launched by the Xunta allows the generation of highly skilled jobs in the community, giving the opportunity to many young researchers to participate in a first-rate challenge here, in our land.  The responsibility of centers as ITMATI, should also be ensure that this initiative be consolidated, keeping in Galicia a center of research excellence in mathematics facing the energy sector.

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