Solution Development

At ITMATI we deliver tailor-made innovative solutions which generate value for the client according to their specific needs, using mathematical technology. 

We have at our disposal some of the foremost experts in the fields of business and industry, and place great emphasis on human resources in order to provide a quick and efficient response to your needs. This allows us to optimise the transmission of knowledge obtained in universities in the field of industrial mathematics across to practical sectors.
At ITMATI we undertake turnkey projects according to specifications provided by the client. We conduct comprehensive development using a variety of techniques and methods in the fields of applied mathematics, statistics, and operations research. We take full responsibility for the project, improving efficiency in its development and optimizing all the available resources. 
Examples of turnkey projects:
  • Analysis of the thermoelectric simulation of an electrolytic cell.
  • Mathematical modelling and computer simulation of electrodes, cleaning and purification processes in the silicon industry.  
Collaboration, both in R&D and experimental projects, and in the development and innovation of applications, is fundamental to achieving a high level of competitiveness and added value in the industrial and business sectors. These projects stimulate the development of new technologies of interest to the company, or significant improvements of existing ones, always oriented to innovation in the near future.
Conexion, matemáticos, networking
Our offering in collaborative projects includes a wide range of research activities focusing on innovation, which are developed in cooperation with a group of companies and entities and usually have competitive funding from a regional, national or European level. At ITMATI we can participate either as a member or a partner in the development of the project.
Examples of collaborative projects:
  • Lifting Technology Research - CENIT Programme. 
  • Technologies for urban transport - CENIT Project.