Conferences, workshops and forums/European Study Group with Industry

At ITMATI we have extensive experience in organizing events which connect varied socio-economic agents like companies, technological centres, universities and governments. These events have technology and mathematical science as their core focus. Through them, we perform different actions in which all stakeholders work and collaborate together to develop new and innovative projects that add value to society. In general we orient the events depending on the objectives we seek to achieve. For example, in
 some cases we organise a communicative event about jobs that are being developed by the various agents, as well as the supply and demand of existing technology. In other cases, we organise joint working groups where different agents interact presenting problems and the challenges they face, and then find answers to their needs by sharing experiences with others.

The formats used in our events are tailored to the needs of all participants, facilitating the interaction such
that the exchange of ideas and the incorporation of "Open Innovation" makes the solutions as effective as possible.

Our Activities