Technological Consultancy

Our services in the area of technology consultancy enable us to undertake projects that need a strong customization and adaptation to the particularities of the company, both in the problem specification stage and during the development of the solution, so close collaboration with the company is maintained at all times.

At ITMATI we have a panel of highly specialized experts with wide-ranging experience in mathematics and technology, who can advise the client on any technological application that is desired. Our specialists can address varied problems from almost all industrial sectors with guaranteed success.
As part of our consultancy work-flow, we conduct rigorous management and monitoring in order to regulate the project specifications, design and agreed deadlines. This allows us to achieve the desired results based on the technical and budgetary requirements, and in all cases to offer a personalised service.
Examples of technological consultancy projects:
  • Mathematical modelling and computer simulation of processes in the silicon industry.
  • Numerical resolution of models for the valuation of financial products.
  • Statistical software for the analysis of epidemiological studies and clinical trials.
  • Sampling and analysis of domestic electricity meters.
  • Development of an application for portfolio optimization and hedge fund risk management.
  • Software application for the calculation of electromagnetic parameters in high voltage power lines and underground cabling.
  • Dynamic analysis of heating furnaces for rolling mills.
  • Numerical simulation of electrolytic cells and cast aluminium.
  • Stochastic modelling of insurance claims.
  • Reliability and efficiency analysis technologies for the shipping industry.
  • System for the statistical prediction of immissions.
  • Automated numerical computation of moulds for flexible materials with rigid grafts and complex surfaces.