Participation in Conferences

  • Attendance of Adriana Castro and Rubén Gayoso in the Workshop of the  Aula Repsol in Ferrol to disseminate the ITMATI capabilities and their projects with Repsol.
  • Jose Luis Ferrín, Affiliated Researcher of ITMATI, attended in the Workshop "Mathematical Modelling in Metallurgical Industry" in Kristiansand (Noruega) on May 19, 2015, to explain and disseminate the capabilities of ITMATI.
  • Conference CEDYA 2015 8-12 June: It will attend Jerónimo Rodríguez García, profesor interino por sustitución en la USC, Affiliated researcher of ITMATI.
  • Conference Fourth Conference in Adiabatic Quantum Computing   From June,29 to July, 2: It will be attend Joaquín Ossorio Castillo, Hired Researcher of ITMATI.
  • Attendance of Julio González Díaz, Affiliated Researcher of ITMATI and Hired Professor of the USC, to 1st European Oil & Gas Training Simulation Forum, from 7 to 8 of July,2015 in Amsterdan.
  • Conference Operational Research 12-15 July, 2015: It will be attend Julio González Díaz Affiliated Researcher of ITMATI and Hired Professor in the  USC,  Jorge Rodríguez Veiga Hired Researcher of  ITMATI, and Ángel Manuel González Rueda  Collaborator Researcher in the framework of this project.