Researchers: Scientists and Experts in Mathematical Technology

At ITMATI we have the best experts in the field of Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research, with extensive experience and recognized expertise in developing solutions for the business world .
Our team and our extensive network of partners provide scientific excellence and experience in developing solutions for the productive sector in order to provide a personalized service to our customers.

Our researchers come from research groups based at the three Galician universities. These include more than 150 researchers with proven experience, more than half of whom are doctors.
Our experts are in contact with the most prominent scientists in the field of mathematical technology, with universities and other centres of knowledge, to keep abreast of the latest developments occurring in their fields for possible applications of benefit to our customers.

Our Researchers



University of A Coruña

University of Santiago de Compostela

University of Vigo



  • Álvarez Castro, Gabriel
  • Alves Yañez, Daniel
  • Buide Carballosa, Ana Belén
  • Capeáns García, Gabriel
  • García Correa, Branca
  • López Fandiño, Javier
  • Morelli, Umberto Emil
  • Nayak Sadanand, Ashwin
  • Novo Pérez, Manuel Antonio
  • Núñez Fernández, Adolfo
  • Ossorio Castillo, Joaquín
  • Ouallam Jamladi, Rabi
  • Oviedo de la Fuente, Manuel
  • Pallas Carrillo, Damián
  • Piñeiro Lamas, Beatriz
  • Piñeiro Peón, Marta
  • Ríos Alborés, Alfredo
  • Rodríguez Barbeito, Pedro
  • Rodríguez Martínez, Diego
  • Rodríguez Veiga, Jorge
  • Vilar Álvarez, Andrea