Technological services

ITMATI provides services and solutions using mathematical technology to businesses, industries and governments . The main services provided are:

The areas in which ITMATI offers its services are: 1 ) Applied Mathematics (CAD / CAE ) and 2 ) Statistics and Operational Research .

1. - Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics includes computer-aided design and engineering (CAD / CAE ). Especially useful in reducing costs and product development time, as well as in process optimization. These techniques can be used in the design of machinery, parts, drawings, pictures or graphics, as well as in the simulation, prediction or study of the behaviour of products or manufacturing processes. The main applications are:

  • Mechanical or Structural.
  • Heat and Thermodynamic.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Electronics or electromagnetics.
  • Fluids: gases, liquids.
  • In chemical kinetics.
  • Acoustic and vibroacoustic.
  • Environmental.
  • In fluid-structure interaction.
  • Multiphysics.
  • Finance

In particular , these techniques allow the numerical simulation of mechanical or structural phenomena, thermal and thermodynamic processes of injection, stamping or forging, electronic and electromagnetic phenomena, fluid (gas or liquid ), acoustic or vibroacoustic, environmental and even the coupling total or partial several of them.

2 - Statistics and Operational Research (EIO )
The Statistics and Operational Research techniques are methods and statistics and operational research with broad impact on industrial processes and control planning. They are used primarily for analysis: support for decision-making and statistical advice and data analysis.

Application areas:

  • Quality control
  • Control and optimization of stocks.
  • Control and optimization of production processes.
  • Strategy, decision , logistics and planning.
  • Risk of financial products analysis.
  • Customer analysis and market or products studies.
  • Exploitation of internal information : Data Mining, Business Intelligence
  • Design of experiments, clinical trials, etc. .
  • Allocation and optimization of resources and processes