Software Development

At ITMATI we provide specialized, custom software development according to customer needs. Our experts have extensive experience with different programming languages. We have developed specific tailor-made applications designed to suit the requirements given by the customer, whose needs in many cases are not catered for by programs currently on the market. Our design philosophy is oriented towards providing a simple and user-friendly interface in order to optimize user productivity. We can also integrate our designs with existing software packages whether they be commercial applications or open source. We look to integrate the ITMATI developed packages with the processes of the individual business.
All software development we do at ITMATI comes with appropriate training for users, as well as documentation and technical characteristics of the package. We include a warranty period and offer a service package to keep the software updated.
Software Development Examples:
  • AGLOSS: Software for modeling of actuarial risk.
  • CEM2D: MHD Simulation of aluminum casting.
  • ELSATE: thermomechanical simulation of a metal electrode.
  • GLANUSIT: Simulation of dynamic thermomechanical behavior of large ice bodies.
  • THELSI3D: Three-dimensional numerical simulation of the thermoelectric behaviour of an aluminum electrolytic cell. 
  • THESIF: Thermo-electromagnetic-hydrodynamic simulation of an induction furnace.
  • GEOEST: Analysis of spatial and spatial-temporal data.
  • Contaminant dispersion simulator.
  • Environmental Prediction.
  • Post Mortem interval calculation using Additive Models (AM) and Support Vector Machines (SVM). 
  • Resolution of models of bone formation using finite elements. 
  • Valuation of financial products.