The Technological Institute for Industrial Mathematics Consortium (ITMATI) signed R&D contracts with 16 companies in its first year of existence

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In its first ten months of existance (throughout 2013), the Technological Institute for Industrial Mathematics Consortium (ITMATI) signed 11 R&D contracts which involved 16 companies and 21 different entities representing 81% of the total income for that year. Feder contracts, research contracts and individual development managed by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) or technological collaboration agreements with foreign companies and institutions were ways of collaboration with industry. The solutions presented in these projects integrated the most innovative and advanced mathematical technology to help add value in areas such as quality control, simulation and optimization of processes or management, decision making and resource planning.

As recorded by the consortium in its 2013 activity report, from its launching on 7 February, 2013- ITMATI signed agreements and partnerships with the three Galician universities, the Supercomputing Centre of Galicia, the Spanish Mathematics Network and the Repsol Technology Centre. It also worked on enhancing its visibility through specific activities of interaction mathematics-industry and promotion of its activities and capabilities in different events, workshops and platforms, without neglecting its projection in international equities.


This piece of news was published in: innovamás revista de innovación / Xornal USC /La Voz de Galicia (please see news below).


Tue, 2014-05-13