WikiITMATI is a tool that allows you to post questions regarding the business environment and get answers based on the application of mathematical techniques. WikITMATI is open to those interested in querying and those interested in answering. The process used to obtain the response is as follows.

 1.- Posting questions. 
Questions can be raised by anyone. The only requirement is that the question relates to the business world and the answer involves the use of mathematical techniques.

When asking the question a confidential tag can be placed, in which case both the question and the answers will be private, intervening only those people strictly necessary (selected specialists, etc.) Also, if desired, we can maintain the anonymity of the person or entity that raises the question.

Upon receipt of the question the wikITMATI administrator will monitor and redirect it to the most suitable specialist (internal staff or external collaborators) who can provide the most accurate answer. If any additional information is needed, the administrator will get in contact with the person who asked the question.

2. - Sending a response 
Responses will be provided by the website visitors and wikITMATI partners (if the question is public) and mathematical specialists (if the question is both public and private).

The person wishing to make a public response to a question posed will simply need to enter the "Answer Question" section and write his/her comments as a reply. The answer will join the thread of answers, in a similar way as it works in any online forum.

The wikITMATI administrator will ask the reviewers and experts to make their own contributions in order to obtain a satisfactory response in an appropriate time interval.
3. – Review of Resolved Questions 
The questions to be considered satisfactorily answered will be available in the "Resolved questions" section where the thread of all comments and responses that have contributed to its resolution will be found.