New Spaces for the Joint Research Unit Repsol-ITMATI

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To meet the needs framed within the Joint Research Unit Repsol-ITMATI, ITMATI has rented to the University of Santiago de Compostela new spaces, located in Pavillon de Servizos, R / Jose Maria Suarez Nunez, s / n. Campus Vida  in Santiago de Compostela.
On 25 September, the R+D/Transfer Department  working in the Joint Research Unit, has moved to these new spaces.

The Joint Research Unit (JRU) formed by Repsol and the Technological Institute of Industrial Mathematics (ITMATI) is one of the 7 Joint Research Units approved in the call “convocatoria “Unidades Mixtas de Investigación: resolución de 6 de octubre de 2014 por la que se adjudican las ayudas a organismos de investigación de Galicia para la creación, puesta en marcha e impulso de unidades mixtas de investigación” funded by the Agency and the Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness under the Spanishc Innovation Strategy in Galicia for the creation, implementation and promotion of joint research units.


umi, unidad mixta de investigación, umi repsol itmati
  • Researchers Room (Joint Research Unit Repsol-ITMATI).
The new spaces consist of:
  • Researchers Room
  • Two offices
  • Two meeting rooms
  • Two meeting rooms
Thu, 2015-10-01