Galician mathematics gather together to answer company queries

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On Sunday, 17 February, La Voz de Galicia echoed in its "markets, companies section" of the birth of ITMATI "the Technological Institute for Industrial Mathematics is born: The three universities provide 150 researchers from 9 research groups".

With no defined physical location, the Technological Institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITMATI) has already been working for more than year. In the week of 8 February the three universities have gone a step forward and their Rectors have signed the cooperation agreement to establish the consortium of this institute.
La voz de galicia Matemática EmpresaThe aim of ITMATI is clear: combine all the knowledge and experience of the university departments and research groups working in the field of industrial mathematics, and place them at the service of companies and public administrations. "Another aim is to demonstrate all our capabilities to the companies. ITMATI is a transfer and research centre, where the research lines are fully oriented to the business sector, "explains the coordinator of this initiative, Peregrina Quintela.

This technology transfer centre brings together 150 researchers and has been created by 11 scientists from 9 research groups in Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research. Although the three universities financially support this consortium, its contribution will be phased out from first to fifth year, because the aim of the institute is to be self-sustained by 2017.

ITMATI will propose solutions to the public and private sector in various areas, because "mathematical technology lies behind many processes, allowing us to face different fields", Quintela said. Currently, the energy sector, materials, the environment, public administrations and information technology and communication solutions usually demand solutions in the field of industrial mathematics.
Another aim of this institute, which will be located in the campus vida of the University of Santiago, in the capital of Galicia, is to approach enterprises, not only in Galicia but in the whole of Spain, always with the international market in mind.
Mon, 2013-02-18