Forums Mathematics-Industry

In these forums, the invited companies pose problems in their field that can be treated by mathematical and numerical methods, statistics and operations research: modelling, process simulation and devices, computer-aided engineering (CAE), etc. Among others, there may be problems relating to fluid mechanics, structural analysis, heat transfer, acoustics, electromagnetism, quantitative finance, decision making support, statistical advice and analysis, quality control, risk analysis, process optimisation, stocks, etc. The forum's objectives are summarised as follows:

  • paneles web ITMATIPresent potential needs of industry and enterprise in relation to mathematical methods, numerical simulation, statistics and operations research and look for solutions.
  • Increase relations between businesses and the university in the field of applied mathematics, show the potential of mathematics, numerical simulation, statistics and operations research, and promote cooperation.
  • Promote the use of mathematical models, computational techniques and numerical simulation,
    statistical techniques, data analysis, information exploitation, etc. in industry.
  • Open lines of research focusing on topics of interest to business and industry.
  • Encourage the incorporation of technical expertise in business.

Torre ITMATITo this end, we actively seek companies with problems that can be treated with mathematical methods, as often in the areas of applied mathematics as in statistics or operational research.

The most recent industrial mathematics interaction forums:

These forums are a continuation of those initiated by the CESGA Node i-MATH project, which have been held annually since 2008.