Developing weekly reports of the flu activity in Catalonia using a predictive model (ITMATI-C42-2016)

The objective of this study is the flu rate prediction in different regions within Catalonia (Spain). In order to do this, advanced satistical models are used wich appropriately combine the information available from the Department of Health sources.

The application developed provides weekly reports on flu activity in Catalonia and the predictions made by the statistical model. This information helps the Department of Health to plan its action in the territory well in advance and allows substantial saving on resources.

   itmati, gripe, estadística, predicción
  • Prediction rate and confidence interval (95%) in Catalonia, season 2015-2016

Source: PIDIRAC Influenza surveillance and predictive modelling of epidemic activity. Public Health Agency of Catalonia. Barcelona

Basile L. Oviedo de la Fuente M, Torner N, Martínez A, Jané M (2018) Real-time predictive seasonal influenza model in Catalonia, Spain. PLoS ONE 13(3): E0193651. https//


  • Sector: Sanidad y Biomedicina
  • Employed Researcher: Peregrina Quintela
  • Hired Researcher ITMATI: Manuel Oviedo
  • Entity: Fundació TicSalut
  • Duration: Noviembre 2016- Mayo 2017