Abelardo Monsalve, ITMATI researcher in the frameworkd of the Precom project, made a presentation at CTMI 2019

A talk about “Models & Big Data Analytics in the Industry” was conducted by Abelardo Enrique Monsalve Cobis on the 1st Conference on Transfer between Mathematics & Industry (CTMI 2019). The event contained several presentations on 22-24 July 2019, in Santiago de Compostela – Spain.

The main goal of the manufacturing industry is to produce more efficiently by reducing costs. This new paradigm is addressed under the framework of Industry 4.0 that develops new technologies and methods such as embedded sensors and wireless connectivity that need to be analyzed in a Big Data environment. Someone of these methods, such as Condition monitoring (CM) and Big Data Analytics (BDA) offers an unprecedented opportunity to track machine-tool performance and health condition. The objective was to present some experiences about the trends of the manufacturing industry in a big data environment, as well as the readiness of smart predictive tools, thereby achieving efficiency and improve productivity.


Abelardo Monsalve, during his presentation at CTMI 2019.