TV program “Galicia for the world” dedicates its program to Industrial Mathematics in Galicia

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TV program “Galicia for the world” (International TVE and TVG) dedicates its program to ITMAI and Industrial Mathematics in Galicia. Mathematics are everywhere.  It is the queen of sciences. It pushes the innovation and development of large and small companies mainly thanks to the collaboration between university and industry.

4 mini stories of about 5 minutes long in which Mathematics, Innovation, Technology and Industry are mentioned, all with a common denominator: "ITMATI plays an important role in the transfer of Industrial Mathematics in Galicia and Spain".

50% of the mathematical transfer to industry in recent years in Spain has been done from Galicia. ITMATI has played a key role, as it combines the knowledge and experience of the departments of Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research from the Galician Universities.

Nine research groups from the three Galician Universities created in 2013 the Technological Institute for Industrial Mathematics. An institution unique in Spain as it places mathematics at the service of business in order to provide innovative technological solutions.

Mon, 2013-07-08