Tourism and Leisure

Tourism is one of the sectors of highest contribution to the Spanish GDP. At ITMATI we have applied mathematical technology in more than 25 company projects and delivered more than 30 training courses. The result of all this has been the development of innovations that have provided significant added value to this sector.

Our areas of activity are

  • Design, development and analysis of surveys.
  • Analysis of the habits of the population.
  • Statistical study of the behaviour of various tourism networks.
  • Study of market volume.
  • Location of services.
  • Resource optimisation.
  • Exploitation of databases. Data Mining.
  • Electronic Security.
  • Application of game theory and operations research for solving problems of planning, management, and negotiation.
  • Statistical advice.

Experience in this sector

  • Methodological design and analysis of survey results to quantify the volume of tourism and sightseeing in Galicia.
  • Statistical study on tourism in Galicia.
  • Design of surveys on tourism in different locations.
  • Development of imputation techniques for missing or incomplete data.