Success stories from the interaction between business and mathematics were presented at the XII Forum Mathematics Industry.

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The XII Forum Mathematics Industry took place on June 9, 2017 in Vigo, in the School of Telecommunication Engineering.  Several success stories, in diverse sectors as medicine, automotive, Internet of things, energy,.. resulting from the interaction between business and mathematics were presented.

This annual proposal, for its twelfth edition, is an initiative of the Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research groups of the three Galician universities, which consolidate their work of transferring technology to industry and the productive sector through ITMATI.

Companies and entities as CITEVE, CTAG, EFACEC, IBERIAN NANOTECHNOLOGIES LAB (INL), PHARMAMODELLING and TESLA TECHNOLOGIES took part at the Forum. This Forum allowed to know how the new mathematical techniques and statistics allow, for example, to reduce in half the cost and the time in the creation of drugs, as well as the added advantaged for other sectors like the automotive, the internet of things or energy.

Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria of the Xunta de Galicia collaborates with the XII Forum Mathematics Industry through the Technological Network of Industrial Mathematics (TMATI Network) and the agreement that ITMATI has with this Consellería.


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Opening Ceremony XII foro Interacción Matemática Industria

Mr. Hugo Campelo, EFACEC

Mrs. Eva M. García Quinteiro, CTAG
Mrs. Onintza Sayar Beristain, Pharmamodelling
Mr. Braz Costa, CITEVE
Mon, 2017-06-12