Social Studies

At ITMATI we can create customised surveys and methodologies to determine any parameter to be studied in any spectrum of a given population. In this way we can identify trends and habits depending on the needs and requirements of the client.

Our lines of activity

  • Characterisation of habits in the population.
  • Analysis of demographic change.
  • Studies of employment.
  • Studies of poverty at a county level.
  • Evolution of demographic valuations. Population projections.
  • Optimal sequencing of tasks.
  • Survey design, development and analysis.

Experience in this sector

  • Census methodologies.
  • Advice on the design and analysis of survey data.
  • Advice on the design and collection of data in a survey of the population of a municipality on citizens' attitudes towards sustainable development in the town.
  • Determination of sample size in waste characterisation analysis of light packaging.
  • Programs of training, multicultural immigrant integration and collaboration in matters of statistics on migration.