SisAl Pilot online Review Meeting, January 12th 2022

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On January 12th 2022, the whole SisAl Pilot team gathered virtually to host a very fruitful and intense, online Review Meeting. The consortium assessed the results achieved in the first eighteen months of the project, supported by European external experts and evaluators. The Project Officer, Susana Xara, and the Project Monitor, Fernando António Portela de Sousa Castro, were the main representatives of the European Commition during the event.
The goals accomplished are very promising and the project partners are full of enthusiasm to keep on going with their new challenging activities. The project aims to demonstrate a patented novel industrial process to produce silicon enabling a shift from today’s carbothermic Submerged Arc Furnace (SAF) process to a far more environmentally and economically sustainable alternative.


The affiliated researchers Dolores Gómez, Pilar González, José Luis Ferrín González and the researcher Branca García Correa attended virtually together with the staff of CITMAGA.

Mon, 2022-01-17