SisAl Pilot Newsletter #2, April 2021.

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SisAl Pilot launched the second Newsletter, which compiles the tasks performed by some of the project partners. In the SisAl Pilot project, ITMATI performs the numerical simulation of induction furnaces to model, assess and optimize interactions between physical phenomena. After one year of activity, the progress of the research shows that SisAl Pilot goes beyond the limits of the literature on this topic. The experience of the researchers and the cooperation with industrial partners could make the difference in achieving the objectives. Therefore, ITMATI participated in the Modelling Workshop, where the advantages, limitations and opportunities of the furnace models for SisAl Pilot were explained in detail to the key partners. Research efforts have been focused on developing and implementing models that represent the behaviour of the slag making by melting quartz and lime in induction furnaces with the specific characteristics of Fundiciones Rey.


Fri, 2021-04-30