RESEARCHER for a project on "Modelization and Optimization of Gas Transport Networks"

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ACTIVITY TITLE: Modelling and optimization of gas transport networks.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Research position under the contract between ITMATI y a company from the energy sector.

JOB SPECIFICATIONS: Modelling, simulation and optimization in relation with the project. Analysis and programming mathematical algorithms. Implementing a software package using the selected methods.


  • Academic transcripts (BSc & MSc in Industrial Mathematics or similar).
  • Knowledge and previous experience in modelling, simulation and optimization related to the project.
  • Knowledge and previous experience in the analysis and programming of mathematical algorithms.
  • Good command of the English language.
  • Interview (best three candidates).
More information:
Applicants should send their CV (mobile number and e-mail included) and academic transcripts to:, before 10th February 2014 at 14:00. Subject on the e-mail: ITMATI-OT-01/2014.
Mon, 2014-02-03