Research groups

ITMATI is formed by 8 research groups in Applied
Mathematics and Statistics and OperatLapices, matematicas, estudio, simulaciónions Research from the 3 Galician universities that were already integrated in the Node CESGA, responsible for coordinating the transfer activities of the CONSOLIDER project "Ingenio Mathematica (i-MATH)". These research groups have extensive experience and recognized expertise in the development of solutions for the business world either independently or in collaboration with the companies or teams from other areas of knowledge.

These nine Galician research groups are also members of (Spanish Network for  Mathematics and Industry) which focuses on promoting and carrying out mathematical technology transfer to business and industry, fostering thereby increasing competitiveness of both research groups involved and the industry itself.
1. GRID[ECMB] (Research Group on Statistics, COmputaion, Medicine and Biology. University of Santiago de Compostela)
2. INFERES (Research Group on Statistical Inference, Decision & Operation. University of Vigo)
3. mat+i  (Research Group in Mathematical Engineering. University of Santiago de Compostela)
4. M2NICA (rResearch Group on Mathematical and Numerical Modelling in Engineering and Applied Sciences. University of A Coruña)
5. MAI (Research Group on Partial Differential Equations and Numerical Simulation. University of Vigo)
6. MODES (Research Group on Modelling, Optimization and Statistical Inference. University of A Coruña)
7. modestya (Research Group on Models of Optimization, Decision, Statistics and Applications. University of Santiago de Compostela)
8. MOSISOLID (Research Group on Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation in Solid Mechanics. University of Santiago de Compostela)