The Regional Minister of Economy and Industry in Galicia , highlighted in the report Spain 2018, Galician collaboration with the largest Spanish companies, with the Joint Research Unit ITMATI-Repsol as an example.

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The Regional Minister of Economy and Industry in Galicia, Francisco Conde, opened this Tuesday, 10th, the   Galician Companies Internationalization Strategy 2020 to the companies forming the Competitiveness Board. The alliance was filed on Tuesday in Santiago de Compostela, with the report Spain 2018, bringing together several of the major companies in Spain.

During the presentation of the report, Francisco Conde highlighted the collaboration between Galicia and some of the largest Spanish companies, citing as examples the alliance with Telefónica to drive the accelerator Galicia Open Future and the Joint Research Unit  in which Repsol e ITMATI collaborate with the Xunta of Galicia to development news energy technologies.

He also stressed the importance of Industry 4.0 as key to Galicia becomes more competitive in the near future.



Thu, 2015-03-12