Proceedings of the 110A European Study Group with Industry (110A ESGI)

The 110A European Study Group with Industry (110A ESGI) was held at Santiago de Compostela from 29th June to 2nd July, 2015. Then the Proceedings of the 110A European Study Group with Indutry (110A ESGI) are attached.
The problems presented were the following:
  •  Model order reduction for Li-ion batteries simulation at cell scale. Jerónimo Rodríguez García (ITMATI/USC), José Francisco Rodríguez Calo (Repsol), David Aller Giráldez (Repsol).
  • Analysis of the influence of the air speed and the temperatura in the quality and in the energetic efficiency of the Wood drying process for Galician pine. José Antonio García Rodríguez (ITMATI/UDC), Javier Roca Pardiñas (ITMATI/UVIGO), Gonzalo Piñeiro Veiras (CIS Madera).
  • Previsiones de importación de GNL en España. Manuel Febrero Bande (ITMATI/USC), Laurent Moriceau (Reganosa)
The success of the ESGI are the unique format which has been copied around the world, in which mathematics community work on reduced groups to study problems, presented by industry. These problems are presented from any economic sector thanks to the Mathematics' transversality.

The objective is to present ESGI capabilities of Mathematics and its applicability in a large part of the challenges and needs of the industrial, bringing small, medium and large companies a technology with great potential, with highly qualified researchers and that does not require large investments to use.