Participation of Ashwin Nayak in 14th Virtual Congress WCCM & ECCOMAS 2020.

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Ashwin Sadanand Nayak participated in the 14th Virtual Congress WCCM & ECCOMAS 2020 , organized in virtual format from January 11th to 15th, 2021.  He presented “Model Coupling for Acoustic Sensors in Layered Media” within the section “Coupled multiphysics problems and reduced order methods applied to compute digital twin models in industrial applications”. This mini-symposium was co-organized by Andrés Prieto, ITMATI Affiliated Researcher and Professor of Applied Mathematics of the UDC, and was focused on the last advances of mathematical modelling techniques to handle coupled multiphysics phenomena and the use of reduced order techniques to design efficient numerical methods to compute real-world scenarios.
Fri, 2021-01-15