Organization chart






The highest governing body of ITMATI is its Governing Council, chaired by the President of ITMATI and the university members, scientists and the ITMATI Director.

The Technical Scientific Committee is formed by renowned researchers with wide experience in the transfer of mathematical technology field. In the committee are represented all consortium members and ITMATI's three main scientific areas, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research.

The Executive Committee depends on the Technical Scientific Committee, which is responsible for ensuring the day-to-day management of ITMATI. It is formed by scientific  and management staff and its  chaired by the Director of ITMATI.

Our activity is developed by the Transfer management Unit and the R&D&i Unit, both units depend on the Director, and, together with the Executive Manager, work jointly to research, develop, transfer and valorize products and services in the field of Industrial Mathematics.

 The following figure shows the tasks performed by the R&D&i Unit and the Management transfer Unit: