Open call for registration in the 2013-2014 Master in Statistical Techniques /PhD in Statistics and Operations Research,

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The MSc in Statistic Techniques is an interuniversity masters organised by the 3 Galician universities: A Coruña, Vigo y Santiago de Compostela (coordinator). Guest include specialists in their scientific and/or technical field.
estadistica investigación operativa

The masters's duration is a year and a half or 90 ECTS (1st year: 60 ECTS and 2nd year: 30 ECTS). The courses are taught via conferencing system and class attendance is compulsory.
The MSc is divided in three four-month periods:

  • 1st: Fundamentals of Statistics and Operations Research.
  • 2nd: Advanced subjects.
  • 3rd: Speciality subjects and Dissertation about the approach and resolution of a practical problem. The dissertation can also be related to an internship.


  1. Academic approach: to obtain advanced training in Statistics and Operations Research, both in the theoretically and applied fields.
  2. Research approach: to enable the student to do research in the field of Statistics and Operations Research in order to pursue a future doctoral thesis.
  3. Professional approach: to provide training on the application of statistical  and operations research methods that are valued in the professional practice in many sectors: biomedical, finance, engineering, among others, as well as activities that require research, for which statistical methods are indispensable.

The MSc is aimed to graduates and professionala interested in obtaining advanced knowledge in statistics. It is also the first step to carry out a PhD program (also from the 3 Galician universities) in the area of Statistics and Operations Research.

The MSc will help you obtain a job in:

  • Financial companies
  • Health companies
  • Public administrations
  • Social research companies
  • Research and development laboratories
  • Many other professional activities

Contact us

There is a coordinator in each university:

  • Balbina Casas Méndez - General coordinador at the University of Santiago de Compostela (
  • Jacobo de Uña Álvarez - Coordinador at the University of Vigo (
  • Germán Aneiros Pérez - Coordinador at the University of A Coruña (


Wed, 2013-05-15