A new era for industrial mathematics in Spain

Adopt a proactive approach.
When talking about knowledge and technology transfer to industry, the current state of mathematics in Spain is not much different from the general situation seen at European level. In recent years numerous studies have been conducted showing that, although mathematics is an essential tool to improve industrial innovation, there is still a long way to go to bring mathematics and industry together. In many cases, either for the lack of time, motivation or experience, mathematicians rarely include transfer knowledge among their top research priorities. It is also difficult for companies to fully perceive the value their collaboration with mathematicians might bring them. The fact is that the world of business it is rarely aware of the possible improvements that could be undertaken by collaborating with mathematicians. In early 2010 a large group of Spanish mathematicians faced this situation and decided to take on the challenge of an innovative solution, proposing a new way to boost the transfer of mathematical knowledge, in which the role of researchers would be fully proactive.

Source: ECMI Newsletter 52, October 2012