Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2018: Document that includes the activities carried out by ITMATI during the year 2018. 


  • Letter from the president
  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • Who do we work with and learn
  • Our work in 2018
  • Results
  • Appendix I: ITMATI promoters
  • Appendix II: Own staff
  • Appendix III: Affiliated researchers
  • Appendix IV: Academic Collaborators
  • Appendix V: Business Collaborators
  • Appendix VI: Research groups that consolidate its work at ITMATI
  • Appendix VII: Visitors from companies and institutions
  • Appendix VIII: Participants from companies and institutions in activities organised by ITMATI
  • Appendix IX: Clients


ANNUAL REPORT 2018 (click here to download)

ANNUAL REPORT 2018 RESUME (click here to download)