Mathematics success stories in business will be presented at the Special Session "Aspects of Industrial Mathematics in Spain" in the Congress of the RSME 2013.

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On 24 January, the special session "Aspects of Industrial Mathematics in Spain" will focus on the transfer of industrial mathematics through different success case studies. The session aims to provide an overview of the situation of mathematics in Spain, providing advanced solutions to problems arising from different economic sectors. This special session is part of the 18 special sessions that will take place in the RSME Conference that will be held in the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Santiago de Compostela between 21 and 25 January 2013.

The evolution of industrial mathematics in Spain has experienced a spectacular growth in recent years. Numerous research groups have strengthened their contacts with industry and new infrastructures have been created such as the Spanish Mathematics Network (math-in) and the Technological Institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITMATI).

This session is funded by the Spanish Foundation on Science and Technology - Ministry of Economy and Competitiviness and in which ITMATI also collaborates.

Session structure

  • Presentation of the recently created infrastructures.  
  • Two panels to present success cases of mathematical transfer to industry in different fields.
  • Roundatable about industrial mathematics in Spain.

1st Part
Presentation of the two new infastructures: math-in e ITMATI.
Peregrina Quintela Estévez.
University of Santiago de Compostela. Red math-in and ITMATI.
Industrial Mathematics Panel I

  • Success cases in the Audiovisual sector.

Bartomeu Coll Vicens.
University if the IllesBalears. Mathematics and IT department.  

  • Success cases in the Environmental sector.

Carlos Parés Madroñal.
University of Málaga. Science faculty. 

  • Success cases in the Metalurgical sector.

Fernando Varas Mérida.
Technical University of Madrid. Mathematical Foundations of Aeronautical Technology.

  • Success cases in the Financial sector.

Carlos Vázquez Cendón.
University of A Coruña. Departament of Mathematics. 
2nd part
Industrial Mathematics Panel II 

  • Success cases in the quality control and multidimesional processes.

Alberto Ferrer.
Technical University of Valencia. Multivariate Statistical Engineering Group (GIEM).

  • Success cases in Statistical Consulting.

Llorent Badiella.
Automus University of Barcelona. Serveid'Estadística Aplicada (SEA).

  • Sucess cases in the modelling of environmental data.

Manuel Febrero Bande. University of Santiago de Compostela. Departament of Statistics and Operations Research. 

  • Success cases in the design and diagnosis of impurity content in aviation fuel. 

Salvador Naya.
University of A Coruña.Departament of Mathematics.
Roundtable: Challenges of Industrial Mathematics 

  • Alfredo Bermúdez de Castro. University of Santiago de Compostela.
  • Mauricio Zurita. AbengoaResearch (Sevilla).
  • Ricardo Cao Abad. University of A Coruña.
  • Laureano F. Escudero. University Rey Juan Carlos.


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