On March 4, 2016 Adolfo Núñez, hired researcher of ITMATI will give the talk Introduction to GIT: Version Control

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On March 4, 2016 at 13:00h the talk Introduction to GIT: Version Control, given by the Hired Researcher of ITMATI, Adolfo Núñez, will be held at the “Salón de Grados” of the Faculty of Mathematics of the USC.
Git is a version control software that has been designed to manage projects with a large number of files and developers working efficiently distributed manner. In fact, its development arose during the development of the Linux kernel. These features make Git a very attractive tool for workgroups that develop software. In this talk briefly set out the grounds on which has been designed Git, and a practical session will be held to show the basic operation of the tool.

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Wed, 2016-03-02