IX Forum Mathematics-Industry organised by ITMATI was held in Vigo on 31 May

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In this IX Forum, the first since the inception of ITMATI, research groups with over 20 years work experience of working closely with industry participated. For example, the research group MODES have developed a specific application for the insurance section of Inditex, which needed a prediction method of claims, in order to calculate labour cost of these claims in a given period of time and to facilitate decision-making on insurance policy.

But the variety of "problems" is very broad and there are many sectors in which "doing experimentation is very expensive, sometimes even impossible". It is the case of accidents at nuclear power plants, where the numerical simulation allows "modelling physical phenomena and give an idea of ​​what could happen. Besides, now that IT equipment is very cheap, quick studies and reduction of costs is allowed" .

ITMATI is a project promoted by nine research groups in Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research at the three Galician universities, which seeks to promote the transfer of technology and mathematics providing an effective and agile answer to the demands of business, industry and public administration. "It was a long road and it was not easy", said Jose Antonio Vila, Vice-Rector of Knowledge Transfer at the University of Vigo, for whom the transfer of knowledge is "fundamental in the time we live in".

Considered "a key science in the developing world", the Vice-Rector of the University of Santiago, Francisco González claimed that the Technological Institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITMATI) is "a great example of collaboration among the three universities". "We are not only useful, but absolutely necessary", stated Juan Pou, director of the School of Industrial Engineering.

Similarly Ricardo Cao, Vice-Rector at the University of A Coruña and promoter of ITMATI claimed that "it is a fundamental tool to carry it out. It has a brilliant future ahead despite the bad times and is an example of cooperation among the universities ". To Edita Lorenzo, Dean of the Faculty of Telecommunications , "in times of crisis we try to get the best of us, so it is good time to carry out new things".

Fri, 2013-05-31