ITMATI will participate with a talk in the most important technology transfer and innovation workshop that takes place in Spain and which will be celebrated in Málaga

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ITMATI will participate in the the most important forum for technology transfer and technological innovation that takes place in Spain and which will be held on 13 and 14 February in Málaga. ITMATI will also meet representatives of different companies.

ITMATI will present success cases of its different research groups which have been constituted as public Consortium last week. This initiative has been promoted from Galicia, and in which nine groups of Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Operations Research from the three Galician universities participate. ITMATI wants to consolidate the Industrial Mathematics field in Galicia, increasing the existing collaboration with businesses, providing a measurable qualitative and quantitative leap in terms of business investment in R&D. ITMATI is an important milestone to promote the transfer of mathematical technology to businesses, industries and public administrations. Although Spanish companies are not known for their use in mathematical technology, one proof fact is that when they use it significant improvements are achieved. One of the best ways to disseminate and publicize the potential of using this technology is to present case studies in which mathematics has already brought added value to companies, enabling the development of new innovations that have benefited them. ITMATI will participate in a "speaker corner" to be held at the 2013 Transfer Forum. The success cases that will be presented will deal with the financial sector, valuation of financial assets, design and operation of induction furnaces for Ferroatlática R & D, treatment of epidemiological data for the Epidemiology Service of the General Directorate for Innovation and Public Health Management of the Xunta de Galicia, prediction in claims in the insurance section of Inditex. 

The ITMATI capabilities as well as its consultancy services will be presented at this conference.
  • Development of products and solutions
  • Tecnological and scientific consultancy
  • R&D collaborative projects
  • Custom software development
  • Bespoke training courses 
This presentation will target companies, research institutes and other innovation centers which will participate in the 2nd European Forum for Science Technology and Innovation "Transfer Forum"  that will take place on 13 February at 12:10 am at the Palacio de Congresos de Málaga. Success stories in the application of mathematical techniques and an "innovating innovation" engine in the productive sector and society will be presented.

This year more than 40 companies will participate in the multi-sectoral networking Transfer Forum. From the infrastructure and transport sector: ADIF, Aertec, Airbus Military, Ferrovial, Indra, Sice, Sando, Thales and Azvi. In food and agriculture. From the food sector Montero Alimentación and Spectrapply. From the energy sector: Iberdrola. From the industry sector: Tecnalia. From the health sector: Advanced Marker Discovery, Merck and Vivia Biotech. From the services and financing sectors: CDTI and Incotec. And from the IT sector: IBM and Schneider, among others.

ITMATI's participation is funded by Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology - Ministry of Economy and Competi2tiviness in the framework of the project "Mathematics as an innovative element for innovation in industry"

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