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On Friday June 28 ITMATI held the conference "Innovative Solutions with Mathematical Technology" in Tecnópole, where successful stories which uses mathematical technology for industrial problems were presented.
jornada tecnópole
At the conference which was attended by companies from different industrial areas: electronic technology, wood, food, pharmaceuticals, materials, etc.; companies were able to see how mathematical technology ranging from the study and understanding of the processes and products, through the mathematical analysis of the data and the design of more efficient numerical methods for resolution, until the implementation of the algorithms in computer for simulation of processes, and the development of computer applications for the client, they can give innovative solutions to business problems solutions.

This event was funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology - Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (FECYT), under the project "Mathematics as an Innovative Element for Innovation in Industry.

tecnología matemática empresa

Day program:

  • 12:15 Registration
  • 12:30 “ITMATI: Mathematical technology, application areas, how to use it and how it can help companies”
Peregrina Quintela Estévez. Director of ITMATI. Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Santiago de Compostela.
  • 12:50 "Analysis of the operating conditions of seawater lubricated bearings for ship maneuvering propellers", Baliño SL ."Thermal simulation of a human foot with mass transfer models and energy", Umana Innova.
José Durany, Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Vigo, ITMATI
  • 13:20 “Numerical resolution of thermoelectric problems. Success cases in industry”

Pilar Salgado Rodríguez. University of Santiago de Compostela.

  • 13:50 Questions
  • 13:55 Vis-a-vis encounters with companies
  • 14:30 End of the workshop
Tue, 2013-07-02