IT and Communications

Mathematical technology plays a large role in the development and implementation of ICT products and services. At ITMATI we collaborate with companies providing solutions to meet technological needs through methodologies for solving different problems faced, providing innovations that have generated added value through different projects and over 15 custom training courses designed for business.

Our main areas of activity

  • Development and use of established and custom software packages for mathematical.
  • statistical and numerical simulation solutions.
  • Programming GPUs.
  • Operational databases: business intelligence.
  • Development of systems of data protection and electronic security.
  • imulation of the behaviour of electronic and electromagnetic devices.
  • Optimisation and parallelisation of algorithms.
  • Simulation of optical fibres.
  • Consultancy for both established and custom software packages.
  • Tailor-made training courses.

Experience in this sector

  • Scientific and technical advice on databases.