The Galician regional government granted Indra and Inaer as strategic partners for UAVs CIVIL project to be developed in the industrial area of Rozas (Lugo).

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Lugo has just taken the first step towards making Galicia a world reference in building unmanned aircraft for civil use.

The Galician regional government has awarded the project CIVIL UAVs Initiative to Inaer and Indra as strategic partners in the project; an initiative in the framework of the policy of promoting a center of research and aeronautical technology in Galicia, which seeks the use of UAVs in civil matters, and especially in improving public services.

The park will have an investment of 115 million euros, will generate 300 new direct jobs and many indirect; and wholly will manufacture the first unmanned helicopter of its kind to begin operating in Europe in missions to combat forest fires.

The project also will involve 14 technology centers and knowledge, among which is ITMATI.


Mon, 2016-03-07