The energy sector has great socio-economic importance in all its areas, generation, distribution and marketing. ITMATI has realised over thirty projects in collaboration with business, applying the most advanced mathematical treatments in the development of more efficient, clean and green technologies that respond to the current needs of our society.

Our lines of activity

  • Statistical Models for Energy.
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Heat transfer processes, chemical kinetics and combustion.
  • Numerical simulation of combustion in coal or fuel-fired boilers.
  • Modelling and simulation of oxy-fuel combustion of powdered coal.
  • Problems in plasma physics.
  • Numerical simulation of processes in energy plants. Energy efficiency.
  • Prediction of failures in processes or devices for energy production.
  • Optimisation of installations and design of new facilities and power plants, optimisation of power distribution networks.
  • Models of managing hybrid energy systems.
  • Forecasting and planning of energy production.
  • Analysis of the viability of systems for processing and storage of energy.
  • Market research aimed at the commercialisation of energy.
  • Renewable energy: wind, solar and biomass.
  • Wind maps and wind potential studies. Evaluation of the economic viability of wind farms.
  • Prediction and planning of production.
  • Prediction of air quality.
  • Control of emissions.

Experience in this sector

  • Application of numerical simulation technology in fluid mechanics (CFD), the study of processes in power generation facilities.
  • Simulation of power station furnaces using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).
    Modelling and design of a slate mine.
  • Design and development of a mathematical model for cold bending of pipelines greater than ten inches.
  • Sampling and analysis of induction meters of domestic electricity. Prediction of failures in processes or devices for energy production.