ITMATI gives solutions to the demands of the construction industry using mathematical technology. In this way we collaborate with clients to develop innovative new products and services that add value to their businesses.

Our main activity areas are

  • Mechanical, structural and thermodynamic calculations.
  • Simulation of thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Vibration of structures.
  • Numerical characterisation and behaviour of insulating, lightweight and thermal materials.
  • Characterisation of the numerical strength of materials.
  • Numerical simulation of ventilated façades.
  • Numerical simulation of thermal and acoustic insulation of houses.
  • Numerical simulation of fires in buildings.
  • Resilience of buildings to climatic incidents.
  • Statistical advice for quality control.
  • Simulation and optimisation of parts design.
  • Maintenance of structures and buildings. Predictive models that optimise maintenance operations and save costs.

Experience in this sector

  • Development of a computer program for the optimisation of cutting granite blocks in order to fulfil an order, according to the cutting system of a construction company.
  • Obtaining lightweight insulating materials for construction.
  • Numerical simulation of load tests on bridges.