JOB VACANCY CITMAga-OT-11/2021: 1 contract as researcher for the research project: “Modelling and Simulation of a smart city”.

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PROJECT: "Modeling and Simulation of a smar city"

DESCRIPTION OF JOB POSITION: 1 full-time contract as researcher for a research project, in the framework of the agreement between ITMATI (Technological Institute for Industrial Mathematics) currently integrated, as an office for the transfer of research results, in CITMAga (Consortium Center for Research and Mathematical Technology of Galicia) and an engineering company.
PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS: Prof. Dr. Javier Roca Pardiñas y Prof. Dr. Javier Martínez Torres.
CANDIDATES PROFILE: Engineers, Graduates, Masters or PhD related to Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Computing.

  • Training and general experience to be assessed (40 points, all contributions must be documented).
    • Academic transcript of the degree or bachelor´s degree, engineering, PhD, master´s degree. Affinity of the qualifications of the candidate with the field of Statistics.
    • Previous experience in analysis and programming of simulation algorithms.
    • Advanced knowledge and previous experience in the use of programming languages.
  • Knowledge and additional and specific experience to be assessed (30 points, all contributions must be documented).
At the time of assessing the submitted applications, experience in some of the following fields related to the research areas of the Project will also be taken into account, but it is not necessary to have experience in all of them:
  • Knowledge and previous experience in computing related to agent simulation, and process simulation using software tools. Experience with Pathfinder and / or Anylogic or similar software will be valued.
  • Knowledge and previous experience in methodology and applications for the analysis of real applications approached from the process simulation approach.
  • Personal interview and letters of recommendation (30 points).

Candidates achieving the best assessments according to the above criteria will be called to a personal interview and a test related to the functions of the position. In this third phase, the letters of recommendation that arrive for the candidate will be taken into account; only three letters of recommendation per candidate will be accepted, which must be sent directly by the person issuing the report and not the candidate himself. At least the three best rated candidates will be interviewed and between the two previous sections have reached at least 35 points.

To be admitted the applicants, in addition to fulfilling the specific requirements demanded in the activity or project for which they make their request indicated in the previous point, they must have on the day of completion of submission of applications and keep them until the expected date of completion of the contract, the following general requirements:
  • Be Spanish or national of any of the other Member States of the European Union or national of any state to which, by virtue of international treaties concluded by the European Union and ratified by Spain, the free movement of workers applies.
  • The spouse of Spaniards and nationals of one of the other Member States of the European Union may also participate, whatever their nationality, and when the corresponding treaty so provides, or of nationals of a state to which By virtue of the international treaties concluded by the European Union and ratified by Spain, the free movement of workers applies to them, provided they are not legally separated. Likewise, with the same conditions, their descendants and those of their spouse, under the age of twenty-one or older than that who live in their charge, may participate.
  • Likewise, nationals of countries that are not members of the European Union or that are not included in the scope of international treaties concluded by the European Union and ratified by Spain in which the free movement of workers is applicable may participate. However, the formalization of the employment contract with these nationals is conditioned to the applicants having granted the exception or work permit and legal residence in Spain.
  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • Being in possession of the valid degree in Spain that is indicated according to Spanish legislation.
  • Not suffer any disease or be affected by physical or mental limitation that is incompatible with the performance of the corresponding functions.
  • Not to be separated, by means of a disciplinary file from the service of any of the public administrations, nor to be disabled for the performance of public functions.
  • Gross monthly salary: € 1,862.82- € 2,050.00 in 12 payments. Based on the merits and experience of the candidate.
  • Planned start date: immediate incorporation.
  • Duration and estimated date end of planned work: 12 months from the beginning of the hiring, subject to the granting of funds to carry out the project.
  • Full time position.
WORKPLACE: Centro de Investigación y Tecnología Matemática de Galicia (CITMAga), Escola de Enxeñería Industrial Rúa Conde de Torrecedeira 86, 36208 Vigo (Pontevedra).
People interested in this contract must send their applications before November 3rd, 2021, 23:59 Spanish official time. Application should include a cover letter summarizing the applicant´s career (general training and experience to be assessed, as well as additional merits referred to in the call), a curriculum (with mobile phone and email), and the academic tittle and transcript of degree, master and/or doctorate; and the “work life” (which proves the professional merits that appear in the curriculum vitae). Letters of recommendation will only be accepted if they are sent directly by the person reporting (and not the candidate).  All documentation must be sent to the following email address: indicating the job vacancy reference CITMAga-OT-11/2021. The receipt of requests will be confirmed by email.  Candidates who are invited to the interview phase must provide original documentation of the merits provided.   

Reception of applications: until November 3rd, 2021, at 23:59 p.m, Madrid local time.
Evaluation of applications and personal interviews:  week of November 10 and / or 15, 2021.
Resolution of the call: second half of November 2021.                      


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