Biomedicine, pharmacy and health

Treatment and care patients receive has experienced great progress in recent years. At ITMATI we have developed more than 10 contracts, and conducted more than 20 training courses in the health sector, applying mathematical technology to provide solutions, services, and methodologies in solving different problems and providing innovations for the benefit of businesses and patients.

 Our areas of activity are

  • Biostatistics: Statistical models.
  • Statistical analysis of data applied to epidemiology.
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), applied to medicine, bio-health and life sciences.
  • Analysis and design of experiments and preclinical and clinical trials.
  • Complete control of medical variables and prediction of their impact.
  • Studies of efficiency and safety of treatments
  • Optimal design of personalised therapies.
  • Control and optimisation of products, processes or resources in health management.
  • Modelling and prediction of risk factors for readmission in elderly patients.
  • Modelling of mortality tables, survival, diagnosis and treatments.
  • Characterisation of pharmaceutical waste.
  • Numerical Simulation in Biomechanics. Bone formation.
  • Numerical simulation of fractures, dental implants and orthodontic brackets.
  • Programming shift-schedules.
  • Surgical waiting list. Patient appointments.

Experience in this sector

  • Statistical software for the analysis of epidemiological studies and clinical trials.
  • Statistical study for the characterisation of pharmaceutical residues of the SIGRE system.
  • Design of a model to explain the impact on health spending of geographic dispersion and an ageing population.
  • Modelling and prediction of time spent in surgical waiting lists.
  • Development of a predictive model.
  • Mathematical analysis and numerical simulation of advanced models in the behaviour of materials: applications in industry, biomechanics and orthodontics.