This sector is one of the most important not only in Galicia but in Spain. ITMATI provides services to agriculture in order to improve and optimise resource management. This optimisation helps improve the efficiency of available resources and increase the value of production. Depending on company’s aims, value is added by increasing the level of production or increasing the quality of the final product.

At ITMATI we have developed methodologies for solving different agricultural problems that agricultur faces, providing innovations that have generated added value.

Our main areas of activity are

  • Epidemiological risk maps.
  • Statistical evaluation of quality control tests.
  • Logistics of agricultural machines.
  • Applications in weeds.
  • Maps of land consolidation.
  • Integrated monitoring system of agro-climatic variables.
  • Treatment of waste.
  • Dispersion of pollutants.

Experience in this sector

  • Design and implementation of leadership skills; planning, monitoring and control of the acquisition of effective agricultural equipment.
  • Diachronic rating using mud in agricultural production, biodiversity, phosphorus and heavy metals.
  • Statistical analysis for the assessment of the clinical efficiency of a new pharmaceutical product for the treatment of phylasteries dicentrarchus parasite infections in turbot.
  • Detection of weeds in crops.
  • Value analysis applied to project management.