Advanced Technologies for extinction of large forest fires. LUMES PROJECT (ITMATI-C5-2013)

The Project entitled Advanced technologies for the extinction of large forest fires (LUMES) implied the development of new technologies and tools to reduce large forest fires, in terms of both quantity and affected areas.

ITMATI collaborated on the implementation of an expert system to monitor and manage resources dedicated to fight fires as well as to assist decision-makers. In addition, an efficient and secure real-time air traffic control system has been developed. This system allows management of air assets within the scenario of fires and operational instructions.

Testimony of Coremain: “LUMES project results, through the development of the new technologies and the innovative application of statistical and operations research techniques can bring considerable benefits for administration and agencies involved in fire management, both economically and in terms of protection and preservation of the environment and nature”.

Further información:

  • Sector: Environment, IT, Logistics
  • Principal Investigator: Wenceslao González Manteiga
  • Company: Coremain S.L.U.