Registration instructions

Registration for CTMI 2019 will be opened on 25 th of February 2019.  Before registering, please read carefully the conditions and processes explained below. To register, fill in the online Registration Form and click the register button.
Payment will be by bank transfer, once registered will be provided from the organizing committee the "account number" by email to which you have to make this payment, following the instructions below: 

  • Please mention CTMI 2019 Registration and the full name of the participant in the bank order so that we can easily assign the payment to the participant.
  • Payments should be made in euros. Possible transfer fees are on your charge. Please inform your bank about this when ordering the transfer. Payment on site is not allowed.

Important information:

  • Registration is required in order to be admitted to the scientific program of the Congress. All participants must pay registration fees and complete a registration form. Companions should be specified on the participant’s registration form. Please use a separate registration form for each participant.
  • Those participants whose communications have been accepted (oral or poster) must pay the registration fees before 16th July 2019. The registration deadline for non-paper-presenting participants is 16th July 2019.
  • Anyone whose is a member of Math-in or ITMATI qualifies for the Math-in or ITMATI Member registration.
  • If yours are not a member of Math-in or ITMATI you should register as a "General Audience".
  • Student fees are applied only to full-time PhD and Master students. In order to register under this category you will be required to upload a signed and stamped letter from your PhD advisor (PhD students) or a certificate from your Institution confirming your status (master students). This certificate will be required during the registration process. If the letter certifying your status is received once the early registration deadlines have lapsed, late fees will be applied even if the registration form is received before the deadline.
  • Your registration is considered incomplete until you upload or send a copy of the bank transfer to the email:

  • Please note that the register received without payment receipt will not be taken into consideration.

  • Once saved, your registration form data cannot be modified.
  • When requesting an invoice, please indicate the name, address and Tax Reference Number of the organization which will be paying the invoice or your passport number in case you are the one paying the invoice. If the bank transfer is ordered by a natural person it will not be possible to issue an invoice to a company or organization.