Published CTMI 2019 Proceedings

This book results from the talks presented at the First Conference on Transfer between Mathematics & Industry (CTMI 2019). Its goal is to promote and disseminate the mathematical tools for Statistics & Big Data, MSO (Modeling, Simulation and Optimization) and their industrial applications. In this volume, the reader will find innovative advances in the automotive, energy, railway, logistics, and materials sectors. In addition, Advances CTMI 2019 promotes the opening of new research lines aiming to provide suitable solutions for the industrial and societal challenges. Fostering effective interaction between Academia and Industry is our main purpose with this book. CTMI conferences are one of the main forums where significant advances in industrial mathematics are presented, bringing together outstanding leaders from business, science and Academia to promote the use of mathematics for an innovative industry.


Further information: "Advances on Links Between Mathematics and Industry"Flyer in Springer click here


The Proceedings of CTMI 2019 were published by Springer both in printed and e-book versions as part of the Springer series SxI - Springer for Innovation: